Services covered by statutory health insurance:


  • Family doctor care and treatment from infancy to old age

  • Basic psychosomatic care

  • General practitioner of geriatrics

  • Youth protection investigations 

  • Laboratory tests

  • Desensitization (allergen immunotherapy)  

  • General advice on vaccination:

Vaccinations are a part of the statutory healthy insurance catalogue, we will check your vaccination certificate and inform you about nay necessary vaccinations. In addition, we will remind you in good time to refresh your vaccinations. We will also be happy to issue you with a new vaccination certificate.


  • Healthcare (IMP) statutory health insurance programs:
  • Asthma DMP 
  • DMP Type 2 diabetes
  • DMP CHD (coronary artery disease / chronic heart failure)

DMP programs include regular visits to the doctor, including check-ups and counselling sessions, as well as information training.

Control visits:


  • Check-up (every 2 years) for women and men from 35 years of age: whole body test with blood pressure, blood samples for blood sugar and cholesterol, urine test, detailed interview with your doctor

  • Examination of the prostate gland, examination of the genitals (annually), palpation of the lymph nodes in men from 45 years of age

  • Examination of the colon and rectum at the age of 50 to 55 (annually) for men and women

  • Hidden blood test every two years from the age of 50

  • Screening for skin cancer every two years from the age of 35

  • New: Abdominal aorta screening: Men over the age of 65 have a one-time test right as this group has a particularly high risk of corresponding changes in the main artery. People with multiple risk factors for atherosclerosis are particularly vulnerable. For example, smokers, have high blood pressure or diabetes.


Diagnostics and therapy with a medical apparatus:


  • Resting ECG

  • Exercise ECG

  • Blood pressure determination including long term blood pressure measurement (24 hour blood pressure measurement)

  • Long-term ECG (24 hour ECG)

  • Lung function test

  • Abdominal ultrasound (liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, bladder)

  • Thyroid ultrasound

  • Microwave therapy / stimulation


We guide you step by step during the document preparation process:


  • German pension insurance (rehabilitation measures, pension claims, basic insurance)

  • Pension office (e.g. contributions for severely disabled people)

  • Preventative treatment of mother / father / child

  • Inquiries from insurance companies and other authorities


Statutory health insurance refunds costs only for those treatment that were absolutely necessary. In our practice we also offer a wide range of additional services, that we think are useful from a medical stand point
You will be informed in advanced about the cost of any requested treatments or services in addition to what will be refunded by the statutory health insurance.

Video consultations
Video consultations

Dear Patient, We would like to offer you video consultations online. The conversation between you and a doctor is similar to what takes place in our medical centre; it just […]


We will check your vaccination certificate and inform you about any necessary vaccinations, also for trips abroad. We will also remind you in good time to refresh your vaccinations. We […]

DMP programs
DMP programs

DMP-Programs Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive bronchitis

Family medicine
Family medicine

Medical care from babies to old age.