Available Dates

By scheduling an appointment, you are reducing your wait time.

Therefore, please contact us by phone in advance if you want to visit the clinic and make an appointment.

  • In case of emergencies, you will be admitted immediately
  • If something happens, we ask that you cancel your visit on time
  • We have a fixed schedule of visits for special examinations such as long-term ECGs, etc.
  • When assigning appointments, a certain period of time in the room and the operating time of the device are taken into account.

Schedule an appointment via mail:

  • You can schedule an appointment via mail.
  • We ask that you request your visit between Monday 8:00 and Friday 12:00, within 24 hours will confirm your appointment.
  •  You can select 2 appointments in case the first appointment cannot be realised.
  • Please bring your insurance card, vaccination certificate, release cards or bank transfer with you when you visit the clinic for the first time in a quarter.

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