At your request, we can also provide services that are not reimbursed by statutory health insurance companies and sometimes private insurance companies. Our services are calculated in accordance with GOE (Table of Fees for Doctors) with a factor of at least 2.3.

We offer:

  • Shock wave therapy
  • Heart echocardiography
  • Vaccination advice on the go
  • General & specialised laboratory
  • Quantitative PSA test
  • Joint injections (hyaluronic acid)
  • Infusion therapy – incremental infusions

Strengthening and healing therapy through infusions with various preparations (e.g. infusion of vitamin C, selenium for the immune system; potassium and magnesium for cardiac arrhythmias) allows our body to provide particularly effective help in the event of severe weakness, chronic and acute diseases.

  • Exams, certificates and approvals:
    • Sports exams, diving exam, driving test
    • Certificates to be presented to employers, schools, universities, insurance companies and other authorities.
    • Drawing up a last will and testament / power of attorney


You will be informed in advanced about the cost of requested treatments or services.