Our medical team consists of specialists with comprehensive and long term experience.

The patient is always at the centre of our attention.


Slawomir Blaszczak (practice owner)

He studied medicine at the Medical University of Silesia in Hindenburg (1980- 1986). After graduation he worked from 1988 as an assistant at the municipal hospital in Tarnowitz, in the surgical, gynaecological, children’s and internal medicine wards. Afterwards, he worked as a doctor’s assistant in the surgical and internal medicine department at the hospital of st. Vinzenza in Hanau.
From there in September 1991, he moved to Kurklinik am Park w Bad Soden-Salmünster, where he also worked as an doctor’s assistant specialising in general medicine and rehabilition.
From the beginning of 1993, he worked as an assistant in the practice of Dr. Arnold Schidt in Offenbach. Slawomir Blaszczak also worked as an ambulance assistant in the yeas 1989-1993. He is a general practitioner in private practice since July 1993. He can speak and write German, English, Polish and Russian.


Dr. Andreas Müller

After graduating from school in Gotha and Hanover, where he received his high school diploma, he studied at Hohenheim, Heidelberg and Berlin, and passed the state examination in Heidelberg on January 2, 1974.
In July 1975, he obtained a doctoral degree, and was authorised to practice medicine on July 21, 1975. After completing his clinical internship, he obtained the title of internal medicine doctor in 1982 and a cardiology doctor in 1984. From January 1, 1985 until March 31 2021 he was a cardiology-resident in Hanau. From May 2021 he was hired as a doctor at the Medical Centre in Hanau.


Dr.med.Marian Oslislo

After graduating from school in Mysolvitz, Hattersheim and Hofheim, were he received his high school diploma, he studied in Munich and Cologne. In 1994, Dr med. finished his studies in Cologne, in 1998 he obtained a doctoral degree in Cologne rated magna cum laude. After completing his clinical internship Dr. Oslislo achieved his general medicine specialisation in 2000. From 2015 Dr. Oslislo supports Blaszczak’s practice and is hired as a doctor in Hanau.


Dr.med. Horst Maurer

After high school in Bad Nauheim, which he graduated from, he studied in Marburg and Frankfurt. In 1981, he passed the state exam and received his license to practice medicine. He completed his clinical internship in 1985. From August 1985 until December 2914, he worked as resident family doctor in Nidderau and since 2015 he has been employed as a general practitioner at the Medical Centre in Hanau.


Dr. med. Fatma Özgüler

In 1995-2009 she studied in Frankfurt am Main. In 2002-2009 she worked as an assistant physician in the field of gastroenterology, pulmonology, cardiology, infectious diseases and surgery at various clinics in Frankfurt am Main. In 2006 – 2011 she studied in Belgium at the International Academy of Osteopathy.
In 20212 she obtained a doctoral degree at the University of Wolfgang Goethe in Frankfurt. In the same year she obtained the title of specialist in general medicine and internal medicine. In 2010 – 2016 she worked as a internist in cardiology, angiology and intensive care clinics. In 2016 – 2017 she completed further training in traditional Chinese medicine at the Thalamus School in Stuttgart. From March 2018 Dr. med. Özgüler she was hired in the Medical Centre of Hanau as a general medicine specialist and as a internist.