Do you suspect you have coronavirus? What do you do?

Are you worried, you have been infected? Do you have cold symptoms?

Difficulty breathing • cough • breathing • sore throat

In the past two weeks, were you in an area where a new strain of coronavirus was spreading? Or perhaps you were in contact with someone who had coronavirus?

                                  If the answer is yes,    stay home.

Please call us at: 06181-901860 or leave us a message by calling this number:  06181-90186333. We will call you back immediately and inform you about further actions.


            Outside regular working hours, please contact the patient service number:


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Why do we send you home when we suspect corona-virus?

The strain of corona-virus is currently spreading in this country as well. People infected with the virus can show no symptoms for two weeks, but during this type can infect others. Pathogens spread quickly especially as a result of sneezing, coughing or poor hand hygiene.


In order to protect our patients and ourselves from getting infected, you have to check if you have COVID-19. In the event where you have COVID-19, we ask you to stay at home. We will help you via telephone.

The disease COVID 19 can be severe of fatal for some individuals, by working together we can prevent the spread of COVID 19 and protect human life.



Thank you very much for you support.

Team of the Family physicians Centre in Hanau.